Fun with Fido on Your Family Boat Day

Thu, Aug 09, 2018 at 8:40AM

Fun with Fido on Your Family Boat Day

Sunny skies, gorgeous water and a lively on-the-water atmosphere… what could make a day at the sandbar better?

We could think of just one thing—your furry friend coming along for the fun!

When you take a sandbar trip with Family Custom Charters, you have the option of bringing Fido on the trip for an even more exciting adventure. Read on as we share a few of our favorite ways to enjoy your upcoming adventure with your pup in tow.

Soak up some sun

One of the easiest ways to kick off your day on the water? Just like you, your pup loves to soak up the sun—and the cruise over to the sandbar, a.k.a. the Disappearing Island, offers ample time to do just that.

The scenic journey provides a leisurely change of scenery throughout: from the gorgeous shores and passing boats on the Halifax, all the way down to the Inlet itself where the sandbar comes alive with the changing tide. On the way, your pup might perk up at the abundant on-the-water action of shorebirds and other wildlife splashing around—but if he’s more the type to kick back and catch some zzz’s, the relaxing pace of the ride will be as enjoyable for your pup as it is for your crew!

Splash around

For dogs (and their families!) who can’t get enough of the water, the sandbar is where the fun really picks up. Clear, shallow water sparkles and gives the whole family plenty of room to kick back in beach chairs, play catch or splash around—all activities Fido is sure to enjoy. All in all, it’s a great way to cool off on a hot day!

Another great option? Hop onto our 20-foot Lilly Pad, an enormous float that lets you play or kick around just above the water’s surface. It’s great for you and your pup, too, since he’ll love exploring the new buoyant “terrain” that offers unparalleled opportunities for splashing, skipping or simply sunning under the warm afternoon sky.

Learn how to ride

Here in Florida, we love surfing with our four-legged friends—from the Cocoa Beach Easter Surf Festival, where dogs can get in on the fun, to the Pups & Sups Surfing Contest that took place this July, there’s no shortage of opportunities to help Fido catch a wave. One of our favorites? Have your pup hop onto a paddleboard on your Family Custom Charters trip! Our sandbar stomping grounds give you the chance to have some fun and teach your pup the basics of getting on board and riding through the water. It’s a great way to spend your time at the sandbar… and get your pal geared up for waves on the open ocean down the line!

Don’t forget the photos!

All fur-baby parents know… we can’t take enough photos of them! For pups, the “wet-dog” look is especially worthy of a photo—entire books and calendars are devoted to capturing canines as they swim, shake off water or splash around at the pool or beach. Be sure to snap away as your pup explores the sandbar, hops into the water and makes impressive mid-air catches just above the surface. There’s no better photo op than the great outdoors… especially a locale as picturesque as this one.

At Family Custom Charters, we believe there’s no better treat than some on-the-water fun to get the whole family together—four-legged members and all! Call or book online today to enjoy this treasured experience.

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