5 Fun Facts About Sea Turtle Season in the Sunshine State

Fri, Oct 09, 2020 at 9:49AM

5 Fun Facts About Sea Turtle Season in the Sunshine State

Sea turtle season may be ending soon—but as one of the Sunshine State’s most unique natural phenomena, we didn’t want to let the season go by without learning more about these majestic sea creatures and their annual journey! As your go-to Daytona Beach fishing charter, we are especially familiar with local waters and are excited to share a few fun facts about sea turtle season. Take a look below to get started.

Thousands of sea turtles make nests on Sunshine State shores every year

More than 100,000 sea turtle nests have been reported in some years, with many of them being made right here in Volusia County. During this season, turtles will come ashore to lay eggs. Several months later, those eggs turn into hatchlings, tiny baby sea turtles that will make the trip back to sea and begin their own adventure.

Sea turtle season runs from May through Halloween

We often associate werewolves with the full moon, but sea turtles are a local example of an animal that guides its behavior based on moonlight. Sea turtle season ends every year on Oct. 31, which, fittingly, just so happens to be a full moon this year. (Of course, sea turtles can venture out into the sea under all phases of the moon; they simply head toward the brightest direction, which is the open ocean as long as local homes and businesses avoid beach lighting at nighttime).

More than one sea turtle species calls Florida “home”

From afar, all sea turtles may seem similar—but take a closer look and you’ll discover that five unique sea turtle species swim Sunshine State waters and nest on our beaches! These are the hawksbill, Kemp's Ridley, loggerhead, leatherback and green turtle.

One local sea turtle species coexisted with the dinosaurs

Of all these sea turtles, the largest and oldest is the leatherback! In fact, the leatherback has been seafaring for nearly 100 million years, all the way back to the cretaceous period (we wonder what kind of dinosaurs it might have encountered on trips ashore!). The leatherback is known for its absence of a bony outer shell, instead finding protection in a truly unique, reptilian carapace. 

The best way to celebrate sea turtle season is from a distance

While baby sea turtles (or hatchlings) and their parents are adorable, you want to avoid touching or even getting too close to nests you might stumble upon. The best way to learn about their role in the marine environment this season is to hop aboard a Discovery Tour with Family Custom Charters! We can take you closer to the beautiful waterways local sea turtles call "home," and you never know what kind of animals you may encounter on our leisurely voyages. 

During sea turtle season and all year long, our fishing trips and tours of all types provide the perfect way to spot local wildlife and have a splashing day of fun with the family! Book your trip today—we can’t wait to cruise with you.

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