Experience Central Florida Like You Never Have Before

Mon, Oct 14, 2019 at 1:18PM

Experience Central Florida Like You Never Have Before

In an era of increasingly-busy work and school schedules, sometimes it might seem like you never see your loved ones at all. When you do, it might only be for a quick exchange or brief “check in.” More and more, each family member might seem to be doing their own thing.

While keeping busy and active is important, the problem is that as the years pass by, you won’t ever be able to get back precious time that could be better spend making lasting memories, and bonding with the people you love most.

It’s unrealistic to think that you can just pull up stakes, stop everything you’re doing, and carve out time you don’t have to focus on family building. The good news is, spending quality time with friends and loved ones is simple and straight-forward when you know where to look. Use this advice to create an amazing experience that no one will ever forget.

Interesting and Exciting Tours

At Family Custom Charters, we know how to entertain and astonish. That’s why we’ve created a variety of outstanding tours that are sure to excite every member of your party.

For example, our two-hour dolphin/discovery tour gets you up close and personal with some of the ocean’s most gentle and majestic creatures. That includes dolphins, manatees, and more. You’ll also have an opportunity to observe native birds and other wildlife, and even collect shells as a memento of your time on the water.

Or perhaps you’d prefer the more intimate sunset tour. This is where you can forge lasting bonds with treasured friends and family members, as you witness some of the most spectacular scenery Central Florida has to offer. Just imagine smoothly sailing on the sea while enjoying snacks and beverages with your loved ones.

We also have many other tours available, including fishing, sandbar trips, and more. Browse our website to view all of the options available to you. Then, you can decide which tours work best into your schedule, and the hopes and desires of the people in your party.

Pontoon Rentals

In addition to the mentioned tours, we also rent out pontoon boats. Both half-day and full-day rentals are available, so you can plan for a brief excursion, or a relaxing and leisurely tour of the water.

Our pontoon boats feature spacious and comfortable seating, including drink holders and places to store your snacks. There’s also a sink on board — perfect for cleaning the fish you catch, or just washing up.

A spacious deck is ideal for sun tanning, playing games, or just relaxing and soaking up the sun. This is where you and your loved ones can truly unwind and be yourselves. Best of all, you won’t have to deal with any of the responsibilities that go along with owning a boat. Just arrive with your group, and get ready for a fantastic day on the water.

Safe, Family-Friendly Fun

In fact, for years we’ve been the go-to resource for family-friendly oceanside fun in Central Florida. This where you can socialize with local anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, while you explore a hidden gem in Daytona Beach.

Many of our guests also choose to enjoy the water on a paddle board, floating lounger, or simply soaking up the sun (or even just relaxing in the shade). Each tour is specially-designed for maximum enjoyment of up to six people. That means it’s easy to take the whole family on an excursion they’ll never forget.

Best of all, we have a wide range of packages available to suit every want and need. We can also set the stage for your special events such as marriage proposals, anniversary outings, birthday parties, and more. Browse our website to view the excitement that awaits you. Then, contact us today to book a tour that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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